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 Date and Fig Exchange
Date and Fig Exchange
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  • Palm Tree Seeds (for planting)
  • Palm Seedlings
  • Palm (nursery trees)
  • Palm (standing trees)
  • Palm Logs
  • Palm Lumber
  • Alma Fig
  • Bellonne Fig
  • Blanca Fig
  • Blanquette Fig
  • Bourjassotte ( blanche, noire)
  • Brogiotti Figs (white and black)
  • Caprifig
  • Celeste Fig (Malta)
  • Col de dame Fig
  • Coll de dama Figs ( blanca, negre, rossa)
  • Columbri Fig
  • Common Fig
  • Dauphine Fig
  • Dottato Figs
  • Duas Vias Fig
  • Envernesca Franciscana Fig
  • Fico Bianco del Cilento Fig
  • Gentile Fig
  • Germplasm
  • Kadota Figs (Gentile, White Endich, Dottato)
  • Lampa Preta Fig
  • Lampeira Fig
  • Longue d’ Août Fig
  • Magnolia Figs (Madonna, Dalmatia, Brunswick)
  • Martinenca Fig
  • Negra Fig
  • Napolitana Fig
  • Pajajero Fig
  • Pastiloût Figs (blanc, gris, noir)
  • Petrelli Fig
  • Pingo de Mel Fig
  • Princesa Fig
  • San Pedro Fig
  • Smyrna Fig
  • Taurisano Fig
  • Texas Everbearing Fig (Brown Turkey)
  • Troiano Fig
  • Verdeccio Fig
  • Verdal Fig
  • Violette Fig
  • Other Dates & Figs
  • Palm Oil
  • Other Palm & Palm Products
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