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Global Repair Ltd. in Farm World

Global Repair Ltd.
Global Repair Ltd.
Sittler Manufacturing has been designing and building farm equipment for over 30 years. Our machines are built to fit the growing need for efficient waste management and the distribution of mineral blends for farms, municipalities and private enterprises. Using our compost equipment, windrow turners, spreaders, can save you time and money. Minerals are evenly distributed throughout organic matter, locking in nitrogen and promoting the growth of healthy micro organisms. Compost is mixed consistently allowing for easier application. Ideal for recycling solid waste such as paper products, yard waste, leaves, grass, tree limbs, paper, sewage sludge, and the bioremediation of contaminated soil. We have several models available to suit your needs as well as custom orders.

Global Repair Ltd.
Toronto Ontario

Contact : Valerie Moen
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