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 Mushroom Exchange
Mushroom Exchange
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  • White Button Mushrooms
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Portobella Mushroom
  • Crimini Mushroom
  • Cepes Mushroom
  • Chanterelles Mushroom
  • Enoki Mushroom
  • Morels Mushroom
  • Porcini Mushrooms
  • Truffles Mushroom
  • Wood Ear Mushroom
  • Mushrooms
Submit a Listing to the Exchange

The FarmWorld Agricultural Exchange (FAE) is a member based world wide information exchange designed for companies and individuals who BUY / SELL / TRADE goods and commodities.

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Buying or Selling Mushrooms

If you wish to Buy or Sell Mushrooms the first action you need to do is Add Your Own Inquiry to the Mushroom Exchange.

Upon submission of your inquiry you will immediately see any potential counter party matches and you may respond directly to those matching inquiries/counter parties.

Your inquiry will be distributed as a REAL-TIME Alert to our subscribing Trader Access Members, those members have the ability to contact you directly.

Your inquiry will be reviewed for inclusion to our network of on-line exchanges (typically submissions are activated within 10 minutes to 24 hours but may take up to 3 business days). Add your listing once and it will automatically be included in the appropriate related exchanges within our network of websites.
A valid exchange listing should contain the item name, a description, quantity and price.
Your inquiry is published as a publicly accessible listing across an integrated exchange network system, anyone worldwide may reply directly to you through your listing.

Your listing will expire in 30 days, at which time you will receive an expiry notification so you may add a new listing. You may submit upto 5 listings every 30 days (DO NOT submit duplicate listings)
There is no fee to submit a listing - FREE Listings - no charge and membership is not required

When you receive replies to your listing you deal directly with the person/company that is contacting you to negotiate your buy/sell arrangements. Please note that as we do not get involved in this process we assume no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller. It is your responsibility to do your own due diligence on leads/replies obtained through our exchange network. Please report abuse of our service immediately.

Our webmaster operates only the on-line information exchange, we do not buy/sell or trade products or commodities, please do not send your offerings, attachments or photos to our webmaster.

Free Trial
Everyone automatically receives a complimentary FREE TRIAL to demonstrate the effectiveness of the basic exchange services. Once you exceed your complimentary trial quota, you will be solicited to become a member.

Basic Membership
Basic Membership allows you to submit listings to the exchange and receive unlimited replies to your listings
Basic Membership is available for $ 39 USD/month - Join NOW
We do not automatically renew your membership (unless you expressly request).
Annual prepaid membership is available at a discounted rate of $ 390 USD/year.

Trader Access Service
If you are a more aggressive trader, you can receive REAL-TIME Alerts for new submissions to the exchange, with full contact information to enable you to close deals quicker. Trader Access includes all the benefits of Basic Membership.
Trader Access Service - Subscribe Now
$ 50 USD/month for each category
Annual prepaid subscription is available at a discounted rate of $ 500 USD/year/category

Fresh Flow of Leads
You may browse our timely feed of Current Listings for Mushroom Buy and Sell inquiries. Please feel free to respond to any of the inquiries that are of interest to you.

Cooksmill Network

Cooksmill NetSystems operates an integrated network of websites and exchanges that maximize exposure for your inquiries to targeted audiences around the world, efficiently matching you with new trading partners & customers. Cooksmill NetSystems provides lead generation services, connecting businesses online since 1995.

Code of Conduct
Basic Business card information must be provided, submissions with incomplete or invalid information will be TRASHED.
Conduct for any user found to be less than honest or to not be operating in a forthright professional business manner will not be tolerated and these users will be excluded from the site.



Send inquiries, questions, comments, news, etc. by mail to the Mushroom email group.
(student inquiries welcome)


Email Forum



If you are active in the Mushroom Industry, add your name to the E-mail group to receive current news, views, etc..

( you must have a valid email address to participate in the email forum )
Mushroom : Industry

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