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Nanopure Inc. in Farm World

Nanopure Inc.
Our products A:Sugar plant machinery 1.Cane unloader bridge and trolly 2.Feeder table 3.Cane carrier 4.Cane chopper/cutter. 5.Cane leveler/equilizer. 6.Rake carriers with rakes 7.Mill house crane and gantry 8.Baggase elevator 9.Main baggase carrier 10.Return bagasse carrier B:Boiling plant 1.Juice and syrup sulphiters 2.All type of juice ,syrup and clear juice tanks 3.Mono/twin vertical crystallizers 4.Air cooled and water cooled crystallizers 5.All size of structures and platforms. 6.Pug mill and magma mixers. 7.All sizes of exhaust and vapour pipelines. 8.Sugar bins. 9.Lime slaker. 10.Milk of lime tank with stirring arrangement. BOILER SECTIONS: 11.All type of ducting and non ibr piping/air heaters. 12.Boiler structure. 13.Feed water and de-areater tank along with structure. We are also applied for ibr approval and after aproval we will be able to supply all ibr parts and pipelines to the boiler sections. C.Cement plant machinery: 1.All kind of ms heavy and light structures. 2.All types of storage tanks. 3.All types of duct and pipe. 4.All type of conveyer structure. D.Chemical plant machinery: 1.All kind of mild steel and stainless steel tanks. 2.All type of structures.

Nanopure Inc.
Pune Maharashtra

Contact : P.B. Mishra
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