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American Haflinger Registry in Farm World

American Haflinger Registry
The American Haflinger Registry (AHR), which represents over 7000 North American Haflinger owners and over 18,000 Haflingers, was formed in 1998 from the combined memberships of the Haflinger Association of America (HAA) and the Haflinger Registry of North America (HRNA). By majority vote of both memberships, HAA and HRNA were dissolved to create a single unified registry for North American Haflingers.

AHR is a democratic member-owned nonprofit business dedicated to providing timely and accurate documentation of Haflinger pedigrees and ownership, as well as promoting the Haflinger breed through the sponsorship of shows, two sales (Spring and Fall), national advertising program and our voluntary classification program.

American Haflinger Registry
Akron Ohio

Contact : Ruth Schwab
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